Another chapter of life

To date, I have been working for 6 months. For the past 6 months, I have been through lost of ups and downs. I have been working day to night, night to day. I love the nature of my current job, really enjoy working with the nice people and dealing with lovely customers. But, I do miss those time in Uni where I have a more flexible schedule and have more time to spend with my friends. Most of all, I really miss my high school life – free, ignorant, innocent but contented

Back in Uni Year 3, I once thought of staying in Adelaide during the long holiday to earn extra pocket money. I am glad I did not. Now I truly understand the importance of spending time with family.

Today, I sent off a friend to the airport. Again, another friend has to move on and focus on paving his life. Over the years, friends come and go, leaving traces in my heart. Once a while, old memories flow into my mind. Now, some are just hi-bye friends, and some whom I have lost touch entirely. Those days when we were close as siblings are gone.

Among my current dear friends and people that I love, who else will still be with me to continue my story of life for the next 5 years? Carpe diem is the only thing I can do. I can’t live in the past.



Just came back from a tiring, fun, dramatic yet mind opening road trip (with lots of hiking, cool!!) Every hike makes me a better person.Hiking is the only time where I have no worries, just focus on my next step on the ground. I have been losing my hair more than usual for the past few months. My mom says it can be stress-induced. I have been feeling dizzy for the past few weeks. Friends say I overworked. I think so too… Trying to watch a drama make me sob. Just a strange feeling that I needed to cry a little, maybe because my tears well is full, it needs to let out a little. In the end, I was laughing most of the time watching the sad drama because of my dear housemates.

I hate my recent look on photos- Fat and ugly. I feel a little depressed with my physical appearance. I need a plastic surgery, liposuction, hair implant and vision correction surgery. But I will have to learn to love myself more. I was listening to some soothing music and this thought flew into my mind to end my day.

“Now, focus on the basic of life before anything : Eat, drink, shit, pee and sleep” I need to do these well



I rewatched the video that he prepared for me. A simple 3 minutes presentation includes the 3 years period that we went through. It is never easy to be with someone for long, worse when he is always so far away.  Never know why he laid his eyes on me in the first place, never understand why he treats me so well…Just an ordinary girl I am, with lots of weird thinking and crazy ideas and mouth that never stop moving ( either talking or eating), what made me such a special person to him.

I am glad I met him. But  he sets the benchmark so high that few guys in the earth would ever meet that standard. For such a demanding unreasonable girl like me, he probably is one of my best choice. I miss that annoying fella but what can I do when fate seems to be playing a game on us. We are together but not together… *sigh* life

Australian Flies

For once, I decided not to go anywhere on a Sunday, but to stay at home and rot.

Few days back, I started cycling to work. From my house to work place is about 30 minutes bike ride. 5 minutes spent in front of traffic light, 5 minutes spent on getting down from my bike and push it up a slope ( no stamina). Not too bad so far, not as tiring as I would have imagined apart from my overripe tomato face ( just too red) after that.

Cycling makes me realise one thing. Australian flies are similar to  kangaroos that jumped onto the road out of no where middle of the night. Both of them can cause accidents. I heard stories about kangaroos causing car crash, and now I tell you, australian flies can potentially cause bike crash. There was one day when I was happily cycling down a slope, an australian fly attacked me out of no where. First it landed on my face, I ignored its presence as I was concentrating on the road. Then, it moved into my eyes.INTO MY LEFT EYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I felt its legs touching my eyes. MAN! I just have to put my legs down immediately to stop my bike. Fortunate enough, it happened in a park, not on the road.

That is not the end of it…

The second time, an australian fly went to into my nostril for 0.5 seconds ( i think). My goodness, I just have to keep reminding myself, don’t take a deep breathe while cycling. I have to balance between supplying enough oxygen to my lung and to avoid inhaling a fly into my air pipe. I really have no idea what is wrong with these flies. I am certain that I don’t look like food to them.

Now, I am considering to apply flies repellent during summer if this happens again. How many layers of cream I need to put on my skin? Moisturiser, Sunscreen, now flies repellent…zzzZZZZZ


My mom used to tell me, ” Once you are an adult, time just flies before your eyes.” This is so true. Time passes so quickly, too fast for me to accept and adapt.

Today is the end of my 6th weeks of work. My birthday was 2 weeks ago, he is gone for 2 weeks, I have graduated for more than 6 weeks. Within these 6 weeks it is hard to believe how much I went through, how much I have done. I moved house, I spent a good month with him, I completed most of the documents for visa applicant, the dance performance was successful, I have organised a housewarming, a small scaled CNY dinner, done some good cooking with friends… 24 hours just walk pass me without myself realising.

Being 22, staying away from family in oversea,I don’t feel 22, I feel 25 or older. I start to get confused with my age, my surrounding. Most of them feel unreal. I wish sometimes I can slow down my pace and really appreciate my youth. I do enjoy my work,and  my life. Just too many things going on, too quick.

In 10 months time, I have to complete my training, improve my language, be prepared to be a competent pharmacist, attend first aid course excluding daily work like cleaning, cooking, finance management, attending seminars and talks. So many tasks waiting ahead of me.zzzzzzZZZZ

ONce a while, I sit back and ask myself ” Have I made a right decision ? How will my future be? AFter putting so much effort will i actually get what I want”  Honestly I am not sure if I have made a wise choice, but I know I will regret if I don’t give it a good try. IT can be very frustrating sometimes but I believe once I am done with this year, I will be a stronger person.

Ganbatee everyone! Welcome to the world of adult!


GONG XI FA CAI to whoever that bumps to this blog.Long time no see, my dear blog…Miss you.

I had no internet access at home for the past 1 month. I am glad that I have survived well. Today is the first day of chinese new year and I am having a day off..HUURRAY!! Spent most of my time in the kitchen preparing belated reunion dinner for housemates and friend.

I went to Kmart this morning in the hope to get a bike. The bike-assembly man will only come in some day in the week and so I will not get my bike till Sunday. Well,  but I managed to get a microwave and a shoe shelf back home. I carried them home. Amazing, and left myself bruises around my arms and legs.

To create some Chinese new year atmosphere I was playing some “Dong Dong xiang” music while preparing the meal. An ANCIENT new year song gave me a knock on my head.

The lyric says ” Congratulation, this year will be better than the past year. Firewood, rice, oil and salt will not be a worry…”  This tells me that Poeple in the past are happy with what they have as long as they have enough food. In comparison with people these days in most countries, we have plenty of food to the extend that issue of obesity is worrying us. Yet, I think people in this century are no happier than people in the past. We are slaves of desire, sometimes. Under the influence of fast paced modern society, I once forgot about simplicity of life

So, today I revised the basic of life. Pretty good to end a day.

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